Healthy energy no matter how hard you’re cranking

It’s well documented that oatmeal is good for your heart due to its unique ability to whisk away cholesterol from our blood.

More recently, we’ve discovered that oats are also good fuel through our support of Roger Aspholm, a.k.a. The Flying Finn.  Roger, who perennially dominates his each NE Cyclocross season, fuels his days with Country Choice Organic Oats.  “I cannot emphasize enough how well Country Choice products nourish us as endurance sports athletes,” said Aspholm after a recent race.

Cyclocross is a fast-growing and physically demanding sport that combines elements from road, mountain and BMX biking into a single grueling race.  Think steeplechase on a bike…including the barriers.  A pack of riders race around a fixed course over hill and dale.  And according to Roger, it’s a lot of fun (although we’ll take him at his word).  You can check out The Flying Finn and the sport of Cyclocross here.

So we figure if oats can fuel Roger’s day, they can boost anyone’s performance, endurance athlete or not.