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A Swede, lost in the oat aisle

Hi! My name is Lykke Abdon. I’m from Sweden but am spending the summer in the U.S. doing an internship with Country Choice Organic. Yeah!

I’m a huge fan of oats and other grains for breakfast and snacks, love their …

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Facebook Recipe Contest Results

Thank you to everyone who submitted recipes and voted in the Outside the Canister Recipe Contest. All of the top five recipes were delicious, and we’re itching to test out the other submissions. Of course, this was a competition, …

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New Year, New Oats!

Working at Country Choice Organic has its perks. For one, taking my work home with me means bringing cookies and oatmeal home to my family. When your work is this tasty and wholesome, it’s hard not to!

As you would …

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Warming Hearts & Nourishing Lives

Like everybody else, this is a busy time of the year at Country Choice Organic.  In addition to the typical seasonal chaos, we are also in the midst of launching some exciting new products – Single-Serve Quick Cook Steel Cut …

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New Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats

NEW QUICK COOK STEEL CUT OATS are ready in 5 minutes so you’ll alwyas have time for a hearty bowl of oatmeal.  Ask for them wherever you buy organic products.

Quick Cook Steel Oats

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New Soft Baked Cookies

NEW SOFT BAKED COOKIES are leaner, greener and ready for eating wherever you buy organic products.

Soft Baked Cookies

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Country Choice and Jamba Juice

Have your Country Choice Organic oatmeal even when you don’t have time to make it at home.  Jamba Juice is now serving Country Choice Organic steel cut oats in their locations nationwide.  They say it’s the best you’ll ever taste …

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Country Choice on Facebook

MEET OTHER FANS on the Country Choice Organic Facebook.
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Soft Baked Cookies in Women’s Health

Country Choice Organic Soft Baked Cookies named one of Women’s Health Magazine’s 125 Best Packaged Foods for Women.

Women's Health

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