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What Does Oprah Know?

For some time Oprah has called out Steel Cut Oats as her “favorite whole grain”.  And who can argue…100% whole grain…helps reduce cholesterol…nutty texture…30 minute cook time…30 MINUTE COOK TIME?!?  Okay, maybe it’s not so perfect (unless you have …

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Smart Choice…Says Who?

Why is anyone surprised that products carrying the “Smart Choices” seal may not be too smart?  After all, the manufacturers doing the choosing are in business to sell calories, not health.  And in a country that produces more calories than …

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Family Dinner

(A guest post reprinted from “Moved to Madison”, a blog by Matt DePaolis (John’s son)

Born into a second generation Italian-American family (and with a grandfather from the “Old Country”), the importance of family was always stressed in my house.  …

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An Apple a Day

An Apple a DayWhat if an apple a day really did keep the doctor away?  Not apple juice or an “all the nutrition of an apple” fruit snack, but a ripe, juicy apple.  Ideally you’d eat more seasonally from the local orchard (but …

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What’s Food Got To Do With It?

I attended the Natural Products Expo in Boston last Friday and came away thinking, “Who eats like this?”  Sure, all the usual suspects were there with samples of organic ice cream and yogurt, but clearly nutrients were the star of …

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They like us, they really like us!

It may go without saying, but here at Country Choice Organic we have a lot of love for our products. And while it’s a great thing to believe in what you make, it’s nice to know others do too.

That …

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Good Taste A Good Thing

For years it seemed the certainties of life included death, taxes, and bad-tasting organic food.  This perception was created by gnarly produce, funky ingredients, and a meager assortment of sticks and twigs not suited for most healthy, yet taste-conscious shoppers.…

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Naturally Organic

“Organic” is an agricultural claim that speaks to how crops are grown and handled.  It represents a commitment to growing things without the use of artificial fertilizers, genetically modified organisms or pesticides.  Said another way, organic ingredients are grown naturally.  …

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Good Morning America Meets One Smart Cookie!

Last week, Country Choice Organic Soft Baked Cookies made quite a splash – without a glass of milk. Our delicious and organic Soft Baked Cookies received accolades from Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, Lisa Drayer at Women’s Health

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Changing Technology

Change, as they say, is inevitable and Country Choice Organic is no exception.  We continually look for new and improved ways to give you the freshest, most delicious organic products.  One visible change is future communication with you.  As a …

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