Good Morning America Meets One Smart Cookie!

Written by John on August 27th, 2009

Last week, Country Choice Organic Soft Baked Cookies made quite a splash – without a glass of milk. Our delicious and organic Soft Baked Cookies received accolades from Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, Lisa Drayer at Women’s Health Magazine and  Phil Lampert , the Supermarket Guru!

This summer, Country Choice Organic re-launched the cookies in leaner, greener packaging to keep each cookie fresh and keep excess packaging out of landfills. Check out the links below to see what all the rage is about, or better yet, swing through the nearest organic food aisle, and taste them yourself.




4 Responses to Good Morning America Meets One Smart Cookie!

  1. Emily says:

    Those cookies look delectable! Wish I could find them!!

  2. John DePaolis says:


    Thanks for your interest in our cookies. Let me know where you live and we’ll send a store list. You can also buy our products on our website ( or

    Warm regards,

    John DePaolis
    Chief Cookie Officer
    Country Choice Organic

  3. Diane Kocsia says:

    I am looking for recipes to use your steel cut oats. Love your product.

  4. [Blocked by CFC] John says:

    Thanks for your note. Cooking with Steel Cut Oats is a challenge and we don’t have many (desireable) recipes. I’ll check our archives and let you know.