Good Taste A Good Thing

Written by John on September 21st, 2009

For years it seemed the certainties of life included death, taxes, and bad-tasting organic food.  This perception was created by gnarly produce, funky ingredients, and a meager assortment of sticks and twigs not suited for most healthy, yet taste-conscious shoppers.

However, the growth of the organic industry has created a new commitment to product quality.  Driven by consumers’ unwillingness to sacrifice taste in their quest for better health, organic foods today taste as good as—and often better than—their mainstream counterparts.

This leap in quality and taste is linked to the involvement of mainstream manufacturers and retailers.  The dynamic growth of the organic industry has attracted most major food companies, who bring advances in development, manufacturing and quality control for improved products.  In many instances, organic products are manufactured on the same line as conventional brands, so it’s not surprising that product quality is comparable.

Organic industry growth has also attracted major food retailers, including club stores and mass merchandisers.  With retailers stocking only the most-appealing products, organic manufacturers, including small private producers like Country Choice Organic, need to create products that can compete for discriminating palates and tight budgets.

So, next time you think you know what to expect with organic food, think again. Bad taste has gone the way of the carob chip spelt cookie. And that, as they say, is a good thing.


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