How Do You Sow Your Wild Oats?

Written by John on August 9th, 2010

At Country Choice Organic we try to live healthy, active lifestyles.  And like many of our customers, we’re always looking for new ways to stay motivated.  So this summer, we are hosting a Facebook photo contest to find out how our fans keep fit and eat right.

To participate (and earn a chance to win a year’s supply of Country Choice Organic products), oat fans can submit a picture that shows how oats fuel their active lifestyle.  Whether it’s a photo of a power-packed recipe or a pic of you and your friends refueling with an Oatmeal on the Run bar after a long run, we want to know how oats help you stay active and healthy. 

Submit your photo before September 10 for a chance to win. A panel of Country Choice Organic employees will select the winning entry.  To enter, visit:


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