I Run, Therefore I Am a Runner

Written by John on August 27th, 2014

August has been running month at Country Choice Organic. That means we’ve filled our Facebook page with inspiring running stories, artful running images and info about oats and running nutrition. We even imported a guest blogger to share her experience.

However, the truth is: I don’t run. Not that I’m opposed to running. I play indoor soccer three days a week and log plenty of miles. I just have never seen the point of lacing up my shoes and logging a few miles. I have a runner wife and daughters. I have runner friends who seem to be perpetually training for an upcoming run. I even have a runner colleague with a treadmill at her desk (although technically her pace is a slow jog).

Maybe I’m too pragmatic to run for the sake of running. Wake up at 6:00 a.m. to chase a futsal around the gym? No problem. Get up anytime to run a three mile lap around my neighborhood? No thanks…I’m a little sleepy.

The point is oats are nature’s perfect food so it makes sense they are perfect for any activity…. including running. I eat them every day after my workout. Sometimes instant; sometimes stove top. Always delicious.

Oats fill me up without weighing me down. That’s not necessarily important for sitting at my desk, but it’s nice to be ready if I ever get the urge to log a few miles at my colleague’s desk!


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