It’s CSA Season!

Written by John on June 9th, 2010

I received wonderful news yesterday…our CSA starts on Friday!  What’s a CSA?  Short for Community Supported Agriculture, some people refer to CSA as a produce subscription, a garden share, or a vegetable-of-the-week program.  No matter what you call it, each week throughout the growing season you receive a box of whatever’s ripe for market.  

Okay…so it starts out a little slow in the spring, with lots of green, leafy things that end up in the salad bowl.  But, as we move in to summer, each week blossoms into a rainbow of color (including the perfect tomato in August) and ultimately reaches a zenith of earthy goodness with bulbous root vegetables in the fall.

CSA’s exist to help small farmers plan better and capture more value for their labor.  By becoming a member, you share in the bounty (as well as the risk) of the farm.  I remember a few skimpy “harvests” some years back when summer floods ravaged southern Minnesota.  However, in any weather, a CSA is a great way to connect with your food.

To learn about CSAs operating in your areas, check out your local natural food co-op or go to


One Response to It’s CSA Season!

  1. Hope you enjoy a wonderful season! We kicked off our CSA program this week as well, and it is always an exciting time. There is something about seeing those vegetables in a box that you know came direct from the land, rather than sitting under a fine mist in a grocery store…