It’s Right to Know!

Written by admin on October 25th, 2012

There’s a not-too-quiet battle being waged in California over our right to know what’s in the food we buy. The fight is a classic David v. Goliath tilt, which may ultimately impact food labeling for the entire nation.

California’s Prop 37, the Right to Know GMO Labeling proposition, requires food manufacturers to label products that include genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). The ballot initiative doesn’t seek regulations or limits in any way. It just mandates that GMO food be labeled — the way it is in at least 50 countries worldwide, including all of the European Union, China, Japan and Russia.

As a country, we tend to not think much about our food…until it’s too late. We clamor for more information about calories, sugar or trans fat only after obesity, diabetes and heart disease have become national epidemics. Likewise, our concern about genetic engineering comes when GMOs are already ubiquitous in industrial agriculture, especially corn, soy, and sugar beets. By some estimates, over 80 percent of all processed foods contain GMOs.

It’s this ubiquity that has spawned “absence of negative” credentials, where consumers avoid GMOs by purchasing products with seals of approval from USDA Organic or the Non-GMO Project (both of which certify all Country Choice Organic products as GMO free). But given that 90 percent of American consumers want to know if products contain GMOs, do we have it backwards? Shouldn’t we be labeling foods that have been altered or messed with, those that contain pesticides, trans fats, GMOs, etc.? We think so. Good, real food should be expected, not the exception.

That’s why Country Choice Organic is proud to support California’s Prop 37. Knowledge is the key to creating a healthier nation. When people know what they are eating, they can make better decisions. We all deserve to know what’s in our food. It’s only right!


2 Responses to It’s Right to Know!

  1. Jaci says:

    I love your Steel Cut Oats dressed up with cream and cinnamon, but I also wonder if they might be killing me with gluten. I’d had to give them up, but can you ease my mind?

  2. We think GMO foods should be labeled.According to the USDA, 93% of soybeans and 86% of corn planted in the US in 2010 were GE. This means the majority of non-organic processed foods on the grocery store shelf that contain either corn or soy products contain GMOs.