Keeping Oats Gluten Free

Written by John on July 10th, 2014

While oats don’t contain gluten, they are traditionally grown and processed in close proximity to wheat and other gluten containing grains. Producing GF oats takes extra care to minimize cross-contact with gluten containing grains every step of the way…from farm to fork.

Luckily, carefully controlled production inputs comes “organically” to us since everything we do is already certified organic, including our newest product: Country Choice Organic Gluten Free Oats.

This month we start packing certified gluten free organic Old Fashioned and Steel Cut oats in traditional resealable canisters. Each batch is tested for purity and guaranteed gluten-free, as defined by the FDA (less than 20 parts per million gluten.)

We’re excited to be offering premium organic options for people following a gluten free diet, since our new products bring wholesome, delicious organic foods to more people.

These products will start showing up on store shelves later this month!


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