Oats are Oats…Right??

Written by John on June 26th, 2014

Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about oats. After all, for much of our lives, the question each morning, “too lumpy?” or, “too runny?” Rarely did mom serve porridge that was “just right!”

So what’s up with all the choices in the grocery store? And how do you know what’s best?

Fear not.

When shopping for breakfast, keep in mind that all oatmeal begins its life as a common oat groat – whole grain, high fiber, and good source of protein with the added benefit of actually lowering cholesterol. Oats are milled two ways:

• Rolled Oats (a.k.a., Old Fashioned, Quick, Instant) are rolled flat, allowing the oat to hydrate quickly with cook times around 1-5 minutes. The texture is smooth and creamy.
• Steel Cut Oats (a.k.a., Irish style, Pinhead) are cut into small pieces and take longer to cook, usually 15-25 minutes. The texture is creamy with small chewy oat pieces of oat, and the flavor is described as nutty.

Either way, the oatmeal has the exact same nutrition.

Oats, being nature’s perfect food, are good for you no matter what they’re called. Typically, you need to worry more about the added flavors in most packaged oatmeal. After all, nothing like a little high fructose corn syrup or red dye number 3 to mess up a perfectly good bowl of oats.

So there you have it – more than you ever wanted to know about oats. Now every bowl can be just right!


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