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Here is what some people have to say:

About Our Oatmeals

“(I’ve) been eating Quaker Oatmeal all my life. Bought yours, Oven Toasted Oats, at my local co-op to see if the organic makes a difference. FANTASTIC…Can’t believe the taste. Never buying any other brand but yours from now on. I’m going to urge the co-op to carry your other products. I’m eager to try the Multigrain and Steel Cut Oatmeal now. Thanks for a great product.” – STEPHEN, CORVALLIS, OR

“I eat Country Choice Old Fashioned Oatmeal every morning.” – ANDREW, COLLINGSWOOD, NJ

“Hi!  My son loves your new oatmeal (FIT KIDS chocolate chip). He is severely allergic to nuts and I just want to thank you for making a product he can eat.  I am sure everyone will be excited about this oatmeal.” – ANDREA- MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, OH

About our Cookies
“WOW! These are wonderful. I can’t believe these aren’t filled with all the hydrogenated oils and corn syrup that the leading chocolate sandwich cookies contain. I am so happy to have found your products at my local grocer and will continue to seek out your brand for tasty, healthful food. Thanks.” – MICHAEL D.

“Your cookies are the freshest, best-tasting I’ve ever found at the grocery store, especially in the natural food department!” – ANN- CANTON, OH

“I was recently diagnosed with many food allergies, including intolerances to wheat and gluten, and I really appreciate being able to still enjoy your cookies. A tasty, yet-healthful alternative for those of us whose diets are becoming more limited.” – CINDY- PHOENIX

“Your vanilla sandwich cookies are the best sandwich cookies I have ever had (greatly surpassing Oreos!). Thanks for making such a great, healthy cookie.” – JULIE S

“I just wanted to let you know how incredible your Vanilla Sandwich cookies are. I have always been a fan on these kinds of cookies, but these are so much better than any of the ones I’ve had before. I especially love the soft creamy filling.” – MARTI-ARLINGTON, MA