Releasing Your Inner Oatmeal Artist

Written by John on May 28th, 2014

We’ve penned many phrases about the healthfulness of oats: “Natures perfect food”…“Helps reduce cholesterol”…“Great source of fiber”…etc., etc.. What we don’t talk about is the versatility of the wonderful oat. So, here goes…

One of oats best features is it a veritable blank canvas when it comes to personal taste. Assuming you’re not starting with a pre-sweetened, pre-flavored packet of instant oatmeal (which can be further personalized with fresh fruit), the sky is the limit when adding your personal touch to your bowl. Sweet or savory? Fresh fruit or frozen? Milk or water? Milled flax or whole chia? The possibilities are endless. What’s more, this is an “art” project the whole family can enjoy.

So this weekend, or any weekend for that matter, release your inner artist at breakfast. You might surprise yourself at how creative you can be.


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