“Running” Your Wild Oats

Written by John on August 13th, 2014

Guest Blog: Niki from Quality

I’ve never been a big runner, but I recently committed to some serious training. And you know what I’ve found? Running makes you happier! It seems whether you are an avid runner logging 30+ miles a week or just a causal jogger, running releases hormones that make you feel better, reduce stress and help keep you sharper.
Something else I’ve found is, regardless of the distance, oats are the perfect training partner to get you through your run or help you refuel post-run. Oats provide the right ratio of carbs to protein, are a good source of fiber, take longer to digest and supply you with more energy than simple carbs. They are also delicious whether eaten by the bowlful in your kitchen or in a granola bar on the trail.
So count me as an avid runner (I’m currently training for my first half marathon later this month) who reaches for oats on a daily basis…quite literally, as I have an open canister and a spoon on my desk even as I type.
If I can do it, you can too. So get out there and start training!



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