Subscribe and Save

Written by John on May 9th, 2011

With prices going up, everyone’s looking for ways to save.  Coupon usage is increasing, websites guide us to cheap gas, and dollar store stock prices are booming (which may be a good buy, but that’s another blog).

Online retailer has gotten in on the action as well, creating a program that rewards regular customers with savings.  Called Subscribe & Save, the program offers consumers a 15% discount on specially marked products and throws in free shipping to boot.  All you do is sign up to have the items delivered at a regular interval of your choosing. There are no additional fees, risks, or obligations.

You can subscribe to a wide variety of grocery products, including the entire Country Choice Organic line-up.  Based on the number of comments on, there seem to be quite a few oatmeal lovers subscribing to the favorite morning food.


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