The Sweet Corn is Coming!

Written by John on June 10th, 2014

CCO Sweet Corn

An invasion is happening across the land and, while it is an urban phenomenon, it doesn’t involve a goliath lizard destroying entire city centers. This incursion is that annual rite of summer…the Farmer’s market.

In Minneapolis, where winter is usually slow to release its grip, the attack is especially severe as the market blossoms with the warming sun. While early spring visitors are greeted with holdover root veggies, frequent shoppers delight as stalls grow daily…as if by photosynthesis. Eventually, the 50 shades of leafy greens evolve into a rainbow of fruits and vegetables.

The most awaited arrival is the consummate summer food: local sweet corn. Shoppers track its steady progress as the miles (and cost) slowly recede. While one is tempted at first cob sighting, the Mexican origin discourages many localvores. Slowly the northward march continues…Florida…Indiana…Wisconsin…until eventually, in late July, the first local sweet corn appears. At this point of the season, even a 100-ft ear of corn lurking over a local building would be welcomed.

So man the battle stations and prepare for the annual assault on your senses. (Just leave the pitchforks and torches at home.)


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