What Does Oprah Know?

Written by John on November 6th, 2009

For some time Oprah has called out Steel Cut Oats as her “favorite whole grain”.  And who can argue…100% whole grain…helps reduce cholesterol…nutty texture…30 minute cook time…30 MINUTE COOK TIME?!?  Okay, maybe it’s not so perfect (unless you have a chef). Quick Steel Cut

All that changed on November 2 when we introduced Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats.  Same whole grain goodness; same nutty, chewy texture, but with a 5-minute cook time puts Steel Cut Oats on your daily breakfast menu.

Look for Country Choice Organic Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats in your favorite store.  The name’s a mouthful, but worth remembering.  After all, you’ll get to enjoy a steaming bowl of steel cut oats everyday…just like Oprah!


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