Where’s my muesli?!

Written by admin on July 24th, 2012

Hi! The Swedish summer blogger here again!

When summer is on and I’m outside enjoying the sun, the nature and the atmosphere, I want my lunch to be simple, healthy and, preferably, cool.

In Sweden, a very common product for relaxed summer lunches is muesli with milk, or ‘fil’, an acidic Swedish type of yogurt. We call this “to give the stove a summer break.”

Summer has definitively come to Minnesota but hey, where’s my muesli?! I’ve been so excited with trying out the new oatmeal products available to me that I’ve completely missed the fact that muesli is not a common product in the U.S. You all don’t seem to eat it. And you’re really missing out!

In the stores (tucked away in a corner) there are a few products available claiming to be mueslis, but only some of are true mueslies. A muesli is a non-sweetened cereal blend of raw and toasted grain flakes, with or without dried fruits or nuts. And that’s it! A muesli is supposed to be simple and clean. It should not contain a lot of added sugar, baked grains or other unnatural stuff. Some mueslis might be sweetened with honey though, which is okay since that is a natural sweetener.

What’s great about muesli is that it’s minimally processed, healthy, filling and nutritious. To me it is also as close as you can get to the farm in a complete meal. Finally, I love the taste and crunchy texture of muesli.

At home in Sweden, I always a carry a few different types of muesli with me – from very basic grain blends to blends with fruit and nuts. Depending on my mood and how sweet I want my meal to be, I’ll either it them as they are or add some extra fresh fruit or nuts (I always add nuts. I love them!). In the summer I eat my muesli with ice-cold milk. It’s a great lunch and really refreshing.

Writing this makes me crave muesli… I’m gonna go out now and buy oats, wheat, barley and rye flakes, hazelnuts, and some dried cranberries and pineapple and make my own. Not as convenient as I’m used to, but it will definitively be worth it!

{Swedish Muesli}

This is a great recipe to spice up breakfast in the morning. You can get most of these items in the bulk section of the health food store, which makes it all really affordable!
2 Lb organic oats
1/4 LB shaved coconut
1/4 LB craisins
1/4 Lb Dates
1/4 Lb flax seeds
1/4 LB wheat bran
1/4 Lb wheat germ
1/4 lb bran flakes
1/4 lb nuts
1/4 LB dried fruit

Mix everything together in a big Ziploc bag adding whatever your family likes or is on sale at the store. Cover with Kefir or an organic drinkable yogurt with live cultures.


2 Responses to Where’s my muesli?!


    Question re CC Oven Toasted Oats Old Fashioned, Are they fully digestible when eaten as Muesli without being cooked as oatmeal? I hope the company will answer this by email to me. I have tried them and like to chew them with yogurt, and soy milk, but need to gain weight and need to know if getting full digested nutrients. Thanks to Swedish blogger for asking re Muesli.

  2. When the weather gets warmer you can make instant muesli with this same mix, just add cold milk, let it soak for a couple of minutes, and add some freshly grated apple. I love how this elemental pairing of oats fruit and nuts can morph to suit the season. Hot oatmeal in the winter, muesli in the summer, and granola for in-between.