Top Reasons to Buy

  1. Organic agriculture does not use persistent chemicals that pollute groundwater, a primary source of our drinking water.
  2. Songbirds and other wildlife are not harmed by organic farming methods.
  3. Organic farmers keep the topsoil on the fields, not eroding into our waterways.
  4. Unique varieties of crops and livestock are more likely to be raised organically, helping to maintain a diverse gene pool for our food products.
  5. Watersheds being farmed by organic farmers stay much cleaner and fish stocks healthier and more plentiful.
  6. Organic farming produces a very healthy topsoil, rich with biological matter.
  7. Rainwater is cleaner since persistent chemicals do not get absorbed into the atmosphere.
  8. Organic farming builds and nurtures the earth so we can grow our food on the same fields indefinitely.
  9. A wide variety of wild animal and plant species thrive on organic farms, supporting continued biodiversity on our planet.
  10. Recent studies show that organic farming methods are evolving to the point that they produce equivalent yields to conventional farming.